Apps, experts, and data for longer life

HumanDB is a global marketplace for apps, experts and data to treat cancer. A HumanDB can track its human owner at the molecular level, and bring in apps and experts in a search for the best available treatment options. This architecture will eventually provide well-informed AI apps and advisors for every human.

Use our tools to select the right package of diagnostic data and sequencing. We save the results in a personal HumanDB where you can invite experts to interpret and collaborate. See our data reference here.

Cancer treatment is advancing rapidly. HumanDB is driving toward the day when AI apps can read a cancer DNA, understand how it works, and engineer a personal treatment. We are also seeking to reveal many different options for managing cancer and other diseases. For more intensive guidance and participation in cancer treatment, join our collaborators at

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Apps, Experts and Data

Will be available through an online store


Expert systems recommending drugs, trials, and treatments

Hands-on analytics

Genetics, pharmacogenetics, wellness

Patient dashboards and portals

Data import and export



Advocates and Concierge services

Experts on interpreting reports

Experts on drill-down analysis

Experts on particular treatments


Make sense of the different types of diagnostics, sequencing, reimbursement, and expert interpreters

Purchase diagnostics

Link apps and devices

Link healthcare providers

Revolutionary architecture brings advice to you

Global Distribution. Install Anywhere.

Eliminates barriers created by data privacy laws. Data does not leave the patient or cross national boundaries. Privacy is assured.

Unlimited data size. Handles any size data and shares it with multiple advisors.

Promotes collaboration and discovery between treatment providers.

Give customers a full set of apps, genomics, and at-home services

Offer a consistent, white-label patient journey across multiple providers

Install with existing datacenters and data security policies

Manage millions of HumanDBs in synchrony with Kubernetes and our fleet management services